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  • Why Is Blogging So Popular? Are People Crazy?

    Why Is Blogging So Popular? Are People Crazy?

    All About Blogging The Internet has changed the way we live, breathe, and even write – in fact, it is mainly due to the blogging phenomenon that we receive headlines, change them, and even get the latest buzz on issues newspapers and popular media will not dare tackle. Blogging has become so common, it has prompted dictionary makers to create new terms. For instance, each article on a blog is called a “post,” “entry,” or “blog post.” A person who blogs is called a “blogger.” But what is blogging, and why is it so popular? Blogging refers to the activity of updating one’s blog. What is a blog? A blog is a weblog or an Internet-based publication which contains articles about a variety of topics. Blogs are either run on dedicated hosting services, or they can be run on any ordinary web hosting service using scripts meant for blogs. Blogs often focus on a particular subject. They can tackle movie reviews, political issues, important local news, or one’s personal opinion. Most blogs serve as online diaries, and will contain personal images, artwork, and writing. Blog posts will contain the following
    Read more
  • How to Build Your List Faster Like Mike Dillard

    How to Build Your List Faster Like Mike Dillard

    List Building: One Sure Way To Become A Successful Entrepreneur I have an extremely important point to share with you today, on how to build your list. I'm successful online, but I had to learn, just as you may be learning now. I did a few things that didn't work. I had no list, couldn't build a list, and then, I made a decision. Here’s the way it worked for me, and I’ll leave it up to you as to whether or not you want to apply this. However, I had the exact same issues as you may be having now. It was, “Okay, what should I do first, what should I do second? Who should I listen to? There are all these different ways of doing things and I’m so confused. I’m going to learn all these different things,” et cetera. I said, “You know what? I’m going to follow a list building course to the letter without reinventing it and without saying ‘No, I’m going to do it this way instead.’” I think my idea is better than what the list building course is saying. But then, I said, “That hasn’t worked for me so far to achieve the level of success that I want to achieve.” So, I made the conscious choice to blindly follow someone else’s
    Read more
  • The Attraction Marketing Formula And What You Need For It To Work

    The Attraction Marketing Formula And What You Need For It To Work

    What You Need For the Attraction Marketing Formula to Work There are many things that are needed to complete the attraction marketing formula, but you'll be surprised to know that the most important ingredient is YOU. This is your business, and it will be your show. You will be selling more than just your product in order for the attraction marketing formula to work. You will be selling yourself, as well, but in a good way. The Preparations Being the most important factor in the attraction marketing formula, you should concentrate a lot of your time, money, and effort into yourself. This actually makes a lot of sense because this means that everything that you spent on yourself will not only accrue to your benefit; these are also things that you cannot lose through a bad business decision. When you compare this to buying the best produce in order to make a good dinner with the main ingredient being so good in itself, you only need a few spices to make it palatable and you can hardly go wrong. The Presentation Going on with the comparison between the dinner recipe and the attraction marketing formula, after all
    Read more
  • 8 Simple Steps That’ll Boost Your Facebook Ads

    8 Simple Steps That’ll Boost Your Facebook Ads

    8 Steps To Boosting Your Facebook Ads Facebook has become a very influential social networking site and with it comes a new range of techniques and applications for your business, and most of them are free. Making use of some or all of the tools discussed below can increase your online presence significantly. These applications are just examples, and there may be more apps available for you. 1. Connect the Twitter app to your Facebook page. When you do, your tweets will automatically become your status updates (or vice versa). In order to make someone a “fan” of your business page, you can offer them something worthwhile. Use the many Facebook apps to give away eBooks, free coupons, or anything downloadable. 2. Import email addresses through Facebook. In order to make Facebook even more popular, Facebook allows its users to import email addresses of those who haven’t already signed up. You can also do this with your mailing list to gain more fans or friends. 3. Engage your fans or prospective fans in some interesting activities. Start a contest or a game and you’ll most likely attract many followers. Doing this is
    Read more
  • 4 Simple Yet Effective Lead Generation Strategies For Beginners

    4 Simple Yet Effective Lead Generation Strategies For Beginners

    Simple Yet Effective Lead Generation Strategies For Beginners Lead Generation is essential to a profitable long-term business. If you plan on having continued success with your business then it is a no brainier! Read on for some of my favorite lead generation methods and strategies. Build a Landing Page Using a landing page is one of the number one lead generation strategies to grow your business. You need a landing page to generate leads! Your landing page should consist of a few things. Most importantly a form that will capture the visitors contact information so you can follow up with them. Next, you should have some kind of headline that leads into some ad copy that outlines the benefits of what your offering. Your headline needs to grab your visitors attention and keep them reading. Your ad copy should tease the reader enough to get them to fill out their information to continue. It's always a good idea to have your landing page redirect to a relevant offer after they fill out their information. Luring Visitors With Incentives Incentives are a good way to grab effortless leads. Although your response rate will
    Read more
  • Simple Lead Generation Techniques To Generate Leads Faster

    Simple Lead Generation Techniques To Generate Leads Faster

    Real Time Lead Generation Made Easy Real-time lead generation techniques using the internet is a topic that scares many people. "Oh, I'll just buy leads", you say or "It is too much trouble and time to learn to generate my own". What I say to that is, "Maybe with many methods yes but it does not have to be that way". The new rage in lead generation marketing strategies is using 'capture pages' or 'squeeze pages'. These are simple little one screen sites whose only purpose is to convince people to leave you their contact info. You want to keep them short and sweet. Think of it like a business card on the web. Imagine this scene for a are walking down the street and you see a stranger. You engage this stranger in conversation with a simple "hello". They respond back positively so you continue and get into a little deeper discussion of your business and why you think they would be good at it. What you would do if you wanted to be successful is to tell them one or two of the biggest reasons why they would make money with your company and how you would help show them how to generate leads and sales. You would
    Read more


"The Most Controversial Internet Marketing Video Reveals How To... BEAT THE SYSTEM ...Using The Secret That Could Start Making You Money As Quickly As In The Next 24 Hours..."

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Ian Anthony Clarke is a retired professional soccer player who played in the A-League and National Professional Soccer League. He became a regular with the Milwaukee Wave in 1998 and was named to the 1998-99 NPSL All Rookie Team... After an 8 year professional soccer career, Ian began studying to be an architectural/structural designer, graduation from the program in Structural Design in 2008. During his studies he was introduced to the Internet Marketing/Home-Based Business Industry, and immediately grew a passion for it...

Ian has been actively involved in Internet marketing since about 2009, and his knowledge and experience has helped many in the industry. His passion and growth has led to thousand of Facebook followers.

Ian Anthony Clarke is an Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing specialist who is passionate about helping others get more traffic, more leads, & more sales.


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