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  • Have You Considered Using List Building Software?

    Have You Considered Using List Building Software?

    List Building Software You have heard it before, "The money is in the list". What people mean is that a business can profit greatly from their relationship with customers on their email list. If you have a list of targeted past or potential customers, then you can stand to make a decent income from marketing to them. As people visit your website, you should attempt to collect their names and email addresses. You can then offer a sample of your business in the form of a special download or report that requires registration. This enables you to only collect the information of people that are genuinely interested in learning more about your business. This way you don't waste the time contacting people, who are not true prospects. Many people will only visit your website the one time. They may be interested in your product or service, and at the time of their visit, they either didn't need your products or else didn't have the money for it. So by capturing their email addresses, you have a way to remind them again and again about your business and products over time. You should always use a double opt-in list. This
    Read more
  • New Blogging Inspiration

    5 Hacks to New Blogging Inspiration

    New Blogging Inspiration 1. Try a New Idea You can go for something in the same field, but perhaps change up your tone. This can make for something really fun and exciting. Post it as a guest blogger and adopt an entirely new voice if that makes it easier. Or, go for a new topic completely. If you blog about real-estate trends four days a week, surprise your readers with your latest favorite restaurant or the newest coffee shop that got you excited. You will probably discover that a break from the norm is not only refreshing for you, but for your readers too. 2. Change Your Environment Chances are good that you have one place you usually post from. Whether thats at your home desk, your office, or a laptop on the couch, you may just need a change of scenery. Head for somewhere where theres some life happening. Go hit up a trendy gathering spot or maybe an outside park if youre living where the weather permits. 3. Interview Someone Find someone else in your field and do a low-key interview. Youll likely be excited about what they have to say and often, youll find renewed inspiration to once
    Read more
  • Sacred Secretes of Effective Advertising Copywriting Revealed

    Sacred Secrets of Effective Advertising Copywriting Revealed

    The Unimaginable Power of Advertising Copywriting Few website owners do not understand the importance of well-written and well-optimized content. The demand on experienced and skilled copywriter, whether he specializes in the website copywriting, offline or internet copywriting, is constantly rising. However, how could one define experienced and highly- skilled copywriter? What skills and experience should he possess to design and compose effective copywriting content?! Undoubtedly he should know SEO copywriting process.  None of the website content can be written without it. The copywriter should understand how to get high rankings on your website, how to perform keywords search process and organize and optimize your website. Certainly it might be advisable to see some of the websites designed by your potential copywriter. One should evaluate them thoroughly in order to understand the ability and aptitude of your copywriter. These are just of the few requirements that should be met by experienced and highly-skilled copywriters. Certainly, the format of this article does not allow listing all of them. Each company that
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  • Easy Tips to Better Copywriting On The Internet

    Easy Tips to Better Copywriting On The Internet

    Copywriting Tips On The Internet Copywriting is one of the most important principles in having high search engine rankings. Other ways of doing things on the Internet are by no means as important as what copywriting is compared too. Copywriting with a search engine is like having an ace in the hole. If you have something published the best way to have the best copy is through the use of the SEO system. As keywords are important, copywriting on the internet is different than copywriting or the publication of standards out in the world. By capturing your market with powerful copywriting, It will help your website profit and grow, as well as your ideas. The use of Internet copywriting ensures that no one can take your ideas from the Internet or use them as their own. This specifically means, techniques, styles, or designs on a way you do things. There are copywriting websites that can offer consultations and creates a powerful campaign in sales and generating, with optimal results. These copywriting sites can also assist you in advertising copywriting and corporate communications. It is also capable of showing your
    Read more
  • Secrets To List Building Effectively

    Secrets To List Building Effectively

    Making Money List Building – Good Idea Or Bad For Business? You’ve seen the pop-up ads for a free laptop, digital camera, gift card to a popular restaurant, iPod, cell phone, etc. Who hasn’t been tempted to follow the yellow brick road and find a great surprise waiting at the end of the click? Well, if you follow this online marketing strategy you will find that it requires much more than a simple “Fill in the form and we’ll send you your prize.” In most cases you are required to enter your email address first. As a business owner, you recognize that gathering the email address is the most important aspect of list building. Next on this trip to ‘Free Gift Land’ visitors are asked to either fill out a multi-page questionnaire or consider accepting an offer from a third party sponsor. This cycle is repeated numerous times with numerous clients. You will likely be expected to consider (or even accept) at least one additional offer that is not free. More often than not you race through the process and fail to recognize there are certain boxes that are checked that invite the company to either place
    Read more
  • 3 Reasons Why You’re Facebook Marketing Strategies Are A Failure

    3 Reasons Why You’re Facebook Marketing Strategies Are A Failure

    Facebook Marketing Strategies Using the family and friends model of business development makes good sense if you're marketing your efforts on Facebook. Marketing strategies for Facebook include all the usual relational strategies, building a relationship first, before you bring the client on board, and driving traffic by finding common interests. These simple tools work best when you're working with a warm market. Turning up the heat for a successful marketing experience on Facebook means driving interested buyers to your website because they're truly interested in what you're selling. Try finding a source of niche interests for your buyers qualifies the market. Source Niche on Facebook  Pages. It's that simple, invite interested parties to visit and "like" a page where your niche market can be represented. Create events where interested visitors can attend an actual event, either in person or online, and drive traffic to your events, with Facebook buzz. Chatter on Facebook that brings interested people to your site to read about the topic is considered Buzz. Social Network on Facebook  Interlocking friendships are
    Read more


"The Most Controversial Internet Marketing Video Reveals How To... BEAT THE SYSTEM ...Using The Secret That Could Start Making You Money As Quickly As In The Next 24 Hours..."

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Ian Anthony Clarke is a retired professional soccer player who played in the A-League and National Professional Soccer League. He became a regular with the Milwaukee Wave in 1998 and was named to the 1998-99 NPSL All Rookie Team... After an 8 year professional soccer career, Ian began studying to be an architectural/structural designer, graduation from the program in Structural Design in 2008. During his studies he was introduced to the Internet Marketing/Home-Based Business Industry, and immediately grew a passion for it...

Ian has been actively involved in Internet marketing since about 2009, and his knowledge and experience has helped many in the industry. His passion and growth has led to thousand of Facebook followers.

Ian Anthony Clarke is an Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing specialist who is passionate about helping others get more traffic, more leads, & more sales.


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